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Leggings with soft and stretchy material that will charm you.

  • soft – extremely comfortable leggings
  • very nice, thinner material
  • squat proof
  • a smaller and almost invisible stretchy schrunch for a pushup effect
  • hidden pocket on the back for phone, keys
  • no front seam (no camel toe)
  • higher belt
  • material: 80% polyester, 20% elastane

Sizes are larger – if you are between the sizes, take the smaller one.

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In front of you are extremely soft leggings that are very pleasant to the touch. When you put them on, you feel like you’re wearing nothing.

Their color is also interesting. Even though it’s red, it’s dark enough to make you feel confident and feminine at the same time. An almost imperceptible stretchable schrunch is hidden behind, which will create a push-up effect for an even more beautiful and fuller shape of the buttocks. On the back, there is an inner pocket in which you can put your phone, keys, handkerchief, headphones, etc. The leggings are squat proof, which means that you cannot see your underwear through, even during squats and similar exercises where the material stretches . They are adorned with a simple SWY silicone logo on the front and back. The waist is slightly higher.

You can also wear leggings on work or to have a drink with a friend, and you can also do any sports activity with them. If you want a set, you can combine the leggings with a backless top in the same color.


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