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Fashionable and sporty, that is what we are going for. The leggings widen from the knee down and form bell-shaped trousers. These women’s leggings will win you over with their comfort, soft and elastic material.

  • the long version of the leggings is 7cm longer
  • bell leggings
  • extremely soft and therefore more sensitive material
  • soft and extremely comfortable leggings
  • very nice material, thinner
  • squat-proof
  • a hidden pocket at the waist on the back
  • intense ride
  • no seam on the front (no camel toe effect)
  • higher waist
  • European design
  • material: 80% polyester, 20% elastane

* The size corresponds to the size you are wearing

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Flare pants are back in fashion. They will make you feel comfortable and incredibly elegant. They have a slight compression effect that adheres and shapes the body in the right way.

These bell leggings will fast become the go to outfit. An added bonus is the inside pocket on the back of the leggings, where you can store your phone, keys, handkerchiefs, earphones, etc. Plus, the leggings are squat-proof. The front and back of the leggings are decorated with a simple SWY silicone logo.

Trendy SWY tip: You can combine the leggings with a regular or long top.

They come in two lengths: a longer cut and a shorter one.


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