Protein Granola (200 o 450g)

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A delicious and crunchy protein granola.

  • no added sugar
  • higher protein content
  • fewer calories
  • Suitable for breakfasts and snacks
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Are you the kind of person who can’t imagine breakfast without oats or, even better, without granola? But whenever you want to add them to your yoghurt or milk, you can’t stop thinking about the high sugar and fat content.

This is exactly why we made sure our granola is tasty, while being low in sugar and fat. Even though it’s low in calories and sugars, it’s still super crunchy and will be a great addition to any of your meals. You can choose any kind of sweet fruit to add to your yoghurt and then sprinkle some of our crunchy granola on top. We guarantee a tasty meal as well as a healthy breakfast. PROTEIN GRANOLA WITHOUT ADDED SUGAR !!! Handmade in Slovenia with quality ingredients. It contains up to 85% less sugar than other types of granola and up to 40% less fat. But not only that, it also contains a higher protein content and fewer calories. It’s suitable in combination with yoghurt, milk, as an addition to other types of cereal, porridges or just as a crunchy treat on its own. Ingredients: Soy flakes, oats (gluten), erythritol, rice puffs, whey protein concentrate (dairy whey protein concentrate (lactose), flavourings, thickening agent: xanthan gum, gum arabica, salt, carotene (natural food coloring), sweeteners: acesulfame potassium, sucralose), hazelnuts, coconut oil. May contain traces of sesame and peanuts.


Average nutritional valuePer 100g
Energy value374.1 Kcal
Fats –          of which saturated18.7g 7.1g
Carbohydrates –          of which sugars41.8g 2.34g
Dietary fibre7.8g


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Protein Granola (200 o 450g)

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