Strawberry protein Granola (200 e 450 g)

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Our BEST and BEST SELLING granola is STRAWBERRY GRANOLA! If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out!

  • vegetarian product
  • produced in Europe
  • crunchy granola
  • no added sugar
  • less fat
  • fewer calories than ordinary granola
  • quality ingredients
  • with freeze-dried strawberry pieces
  • available in 200g and 450g packaging
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Since we also wanted to satisfy the tastes of those who cannot imagine a meal without fruit, we added pieces of freeze-dried strawberries to the delicious and healthy granola, which taste divine, almost like fresh strawberries. This granola only contains natural sugars that are present in basic foods, not the sugars that other dried fruits contain, so you will enjoy this granola without a bad conscience.

If you want a fit granola with a higher protein content, less sugar, with quality ingredients, without added sugars and you like strawberries? Then you’re looking at the real thing! Delicious, crunchy granola, full of freeze-dried berries, which will not disappoint you.
Freeze drying is deep freezing at very low pressure, leaving the fruit full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients: soy flakes, oat flakes (gluten), sweeteners: erythritol 8.9%, rice puffs, whey protein concentrate from milk (lactose), flavors, thickener: xanthan gum, gum arabic, salt, carotene coloring, sweeteners: potassium acesulfan, sucralose, hazelnuts, coconut oil, freeze-dried strawberries 3%. May contain traces of sesame and peanuts

Average nutritional valuePer 100g
Energy value374.4 Kcal
Fats –          of which saturated18.2g 6.9g
Carbohydrates –          of which sugars43.2g 4.2g
Dietary fibre8g

Swy tip: Find out everything there is to know about granola and how you can make a great meal with it by reading our blog post About Granola 🙂 ”


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Strawberry protein Granola (200 e 450 g)

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