Protein Granola Bounty (200 o 450 g)

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If you’re a chocolate or coconut lover, this granola will LEAVE YOU SPEECHLESS! Delicious, crunchy chocolate granola with the addition of coconut flakes.

  • vegetarian product
  • handmade in Slovenia
  • crunchy granola
  • no added sugar
  • less fat
  • fewer calories than ordinary granola
  • quality ingredients
  • with cacao powder and coconut flakes 
  • available in 200g and 450g packaging
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CHOCOLATE AND COCONUT ?!?!  If you’re a chocolate or coconut lover, this granola will LEAVE YOU SPEECHLESS! Not a sugary cereal lover? Our Bounty-flavoured granola is perfect for you, as it contains real cacao powder, which adds a slightly bitter taste to the granola, but the addition of coconut flakes complements the bitterness nicely and makes your feel like you’re on a tropical island. This version of granola is extra crunchy, so you can enjoy it as an afternoon snack or as a healthy snack on its own while watching your favourite movie in the evening. It contains up to 85% less sugar than other types of granola and up to 40% less fat. But not only that, it also contains a higher protein content and fewer calories. It’s suitable in combination with yoghurt, milk, as an addition to other types of cereal, porridges or just as a crunchy treat on its own.

A tasty protein granola for all chocolate lovers with a higher protein content, less sugar and less fat than ordinary granola!

Ingredients: soy flakes, oats (gluten), erythritol, cacao powder, rice puffs, coconut, whey protein concentrate (lactose), flavourings, thickener: xanthan gum, gum Arabic, salt, natural carotene, sweeteners: acesulfame potassium and sucralose, coconut oil. May contain traces of sesame seeds and peanuts.

Average nutritional valuePer 100g
Energy value344.5 Kcal
Fats –          of which saturated18.6g 11.3g
Carbohydrates –          of which sugars34.9g 2.32g
Dietary fibre8.9g

Swy tip: Find out everything there is to know about granola and how you can make a great meal with it by reading our blog post About Granola 🙂 ”



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Protein Granola Bounty (200 o 450 g)

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