Booty band (stage 3)

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  The SWY resistance band will activate your buttocks muscles perfectly.

  • HEAVIER, but still stretchy (level 2-3)
  • High quality and durable material
  • It stays in place
  • Suitable for warm-ups, during workouts or for warm-downs

Swy tip:

To get the workout you want, use our exercise mat🙂

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Do you find that you can’t feel the muscles in your buttocks working when you exercise? The SWY Bossbabe resistance band will make sure you’ll feel them much faster! If you already own a resistance band, think about whether the level of resistance is right for you. Often the higher resistance level elastics pull the knees inwards, can cause muscle pain in the thighs instead of the buttocks, etc. In this case, I recommend a lower resistance level. SWY resistance band: It activates your buttocks muscles perfectly.



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Booty band (stage 3)

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