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    • Starts from 2,99 
      • Only 2.57 g of sugar per bar
      • excellent taste
      • crunchy
      • melts quickly in the mouth
      • high quality white chocolate

      The Bianca Protein Chocolate Bar only has 193 Kcal and 2.57 g sugar, with 10.6 g of protein.

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    • Starts from 2,99 


      You MUST give this chocolate bar a try! It just melts in your mouth! IT WON’T LET YOU DOWN!

      • 160 kcal per chocolate bar
      • high in protein
      • without added sugar
      • a new generation of authentic chocolate bars
      • quality ingredients
      • available: Classic, Lady, Performance and Vegan
      • Tastes completely different than other classic protein chocolate bars

      Let yourself be convinced and dare to try something new while at the same time supporting a Slovenian product 🙂


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    • Starts from 2,99 

      SWY BERRY protein chocolate, produced in EUROPE in collaboration with Vibo.

      • only 2.94 g of sugar per protein bar
      • quality white chocolate with freeze-dried raspberries
      • exceptional taste
      • it dissolves easily in the mouth
      • Berry Protein Chocolate has only 260 kcal and contains 10.7g of protein and only 2.94g of sugar.
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    • 5,40 

      How about adding sugar-free chocolate chunks to your cookies or muffins?

      Energy values per 100g:
      Kcal: 485
      KJ: 2032 Fats: 33.9g Salt: 700mg Carbohydrates: 50.2g
      Sugar: 0.7 g Protein: 6.8g