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    • 7,99 

      Oatmeal – 1000g

      Available in cookie and chocolate flavours

      • ground oatmeal with flavour
      • no added sugars (contains naturally occurring sugars)
      • they can be used alone or combined with your favourite oatmeal recipe.
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    • Starts from 5,99 

      Our BEST and BEST SELLING granola is STRAWBERRY GRANOLA! If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out!

      • vegetarian product
      • produced in Europe
      • crunchy granola
      • no added sugar
      • less fat
      • fewer calories than ordinary granola
      • quality ingredients
      • with freeze-dried strawberry pieces
      • available in 200g and 450g packaging
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    • Starts from 5,99 

      A delicious and crunchy protein granola.

      • no added sugar
      • higher protein content
      • fewer calories
      • Suitable for breakfasts and snacks
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    • Starts from 5,99 

      Healthy granola with white chocolate and raspberries.

      • less fat, sugar and calories than regular granola
      • crunchy granola
      • divine taste
      • high quality ingredients
      • white chocolate without added sugar
      • freeze-dried raspberries
      • small (200 g) and large packaging (450 g) available
      • suitable for vegetarians
      • handmade in Slovenia
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