The SWY brand is more than just a young, fast-growing company. It deals with online sales of clothing for sports and recreational activities, food supplements, healthy nutrition and sports accessories. The SWY brand is a broad and sincere community of people, especially women, with a similar goal: love for themselves and a healthy lifestyle. We are here to encourage, motivate and overcome major or minor obstacles together.

As the owner of any SWY product, you not only have an extra piece in your closet, but you are part of a large community where you will never feel alone.

The company was founded in 2020, while the community itself, led by director Petra Parovel, was formed much earlier. And for this we are aware that we are the SWY brand ALL OF US.

Petra, best known for her successful instagram profile, is first and foremost a mother, then a wife, director and graduate kinesiologist and certified nutrition consultant with a strong desire for success and a courageous heart. She started her career as a sports enthusiast, so she found herself in the world of fitness, with the aim of changing her lifestyle. Eager to share her knowledge and experience of hers, she became a personal trainer and the escalation of her passion led her into the world of entrepreneurship. Thus was born his second “baby”: the SWY brand.

Behind her is a small team of girls, who have been by her side since the beginning, and a larger team of external and internal collaborators, ambassadors, promoters and many other people who have contributed to what company is today. At this point we must not forget each of you who with your purchases give meaning to our existence! Thanks for being <3

OUR mission

SWY Brand’s mission is to develop and offer products and services that promote and enable a healthy and balanced lifestyle for every individual. In doing so, we follow the latest fashion trends and try to be one step ahead of others. Quality and diversity are our values, because we want to satisfy each of you. Our goal is to encourage people to live healthier lives and provide them with a community that makes everything easier to reach. As far as possible, we work with local products while also taking care of the environment and are looking for solutions to further pursue this goal in the future.

We want to convey the mentality, especially to women, but also to men, that success, complacency and well-being begin with ourselves, as illustrated by the brand name SWY – It Starts With You.

OUR vision

The well-being and satisfaction of our customers are essential to us, so we do our best to stay in touch with you and let you know that you are not just a number, despite the rapid growth of the company. We invest a lot in our community, for which we are very proud and we want to expand it beyond our borders, towards foreign markets. We believe that, despite the great competition, we offer a unique story, which you can also be a part of. Welcome, SWY ©


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